Angel and Demons


  1. Spirit
  2. Broken Wheel
  3. Leave It Alone
  4. Can't Believe In You
  5. Tommorrow
  6. Fire It Up

Album Reviews

“Uncharted Kaos 4 hours ago I can only say one thing. Adorn the Wicked is a true class act band out of NYC. Every time I listen to them I am taken back to a time when music was about having a good time. Their sound is nothing less of great anthem/stadium rock. Their music is driven by a strong rock drive that offer what I say....if you listened to Guns N Roses....Adorn The Wicked picked right up where they left off. Kerry Lewis' vocals remind me of Axel. All the guitar riffs and drum work have the Slash and Alder sound. Hands down the modern day version of GNR. Don't believe me check them out for yourself.

DJ. Rich Kaos - Neue Regel Radio